High Pressure

 Most powerful Italian stand up, here at Sunsations! UVA and Infrared lamps included. Longer lasting browning and rarely over exposes any skin types. Leader of the vertical, this unique quality will not only help push your tan to the next level when you’ve reached your tanning plateau, but will also help you to achieve that beautiful beach like enhanced tan.. Tanning exposure of 10 minutes, automated fans, and face tanner included.

Super Orbit

More Powerful Tanning... SUPER ORBIT is the most Powerful German Orbit System!Specialized face tanners, personalized Air Conditioning System, and tanning exposure time of 12 minutes. 

Super Sonic

 Medium pressure stand up and helps produce the darkest tan possible in 7 minutes or less.This is the only tanning booth with a significant amount of UVA that can accomplish that. 


 Features a refreshing and cool tanning experience. Due to higher UVB rays, it usually takes only 3-5 sessions for the tan to mature and see a noticeable difference. These beds give a deeper longer lasting tan which is why it requires less maintenance.  Cyclone has tanning exposure of 8 minutes maximum.

Suncapsule and VHR bed

A stand up and lay down booth that provides you with a full 360 degree tan, so you will enjoy a full body tan all the way around. This state of the art tanning machine is the benchmark in technology and performance with the fastest tanning time in the industry. The Sun Capsule delivers more UVA to help achieve the darkest tan possible in only 9 minutes. VHR bed has a tanning exposure of 12 minutes. 


Wolff is a tanning bed that includes a stereo, body fan, and the choice of face exposure.. max time of 12 minutes.